History Table
  • Table of History
    1941. Yuyu Pharma established (Yuhan Trade Co.)
    Began import & export of medicines, export of ginseng and juniperus
  • 1941
  • Table of History
    1952. Teukhan Yu, founder & CEO, was elected the fourth chairman of the Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
    1953. Purchased head office building (7, Chungmuro 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea)
    Began pharmaceutical manufacturing (Development of ‘Yuvita’ out to the market)
    1955. Manufactured Yupaszid, a medicine for tuberculosis
    1956. Manufactured “Purantibal Tab.’, a psychoneurotic medicine
    1957. Manufactured Vita-M Tab., the nation’s first pharmacologic 7-layer sugarcoated multivitamin
    Changed corporate name to Yuyu Industrial Co
    1958. Began ‘Stock-sharing plan for the employees’
    1959. Established a factory in An-Yang
  • 1952~1959
  • Table of History
    1962. Manufactured ‘Yupan-C’(Vitamin C medicine) 1962~70
    1963. Manufactured Vitadoxin Tab. (pyridoxine hydrochloride)
    Manufactured Yuyu streptomycin sulfate injection
    1964. Set up the country's first synthesizing plant for the production of pharmaceutical raw materials and fine chemicals.
    1965. Developed Venapollo, the nation’s first multivitamin in soft capsule form
    1966. Developed Yuyu methionine (DL-methionine)
    Released Venapollo-A soft capsule
    1967. Released YupanC-A
    1968. Introduced ‘Lincocin’, a new antibiotic produced under technical cooperation with Upjohn of U.S.A
    1970. Organized Korea Upjohn Ltd. as a joint venture between the Upjohn Company of the United States and Yuyu
  • 1962~70
  • Table of History
    1973. Launched the Yuyu Cultural Foundation
    1974. Licensed as a specialized importer and exporter of pharmaceuticals
    Organized Employee Stock Ownership Association
    1975. Launched Labor Union
    Formed technical cooperation with Dr. Willmar Schwabe of West Germany (Release of Venoplant, a medicine for swelling)
    Yuyu went public and officially entered into the stock market
    On the 12th anniversary national day of export, received the award from the Ministry of Health
    Formed technical cooperation with Meaiji Seika of Japan (Release of Meimycin)
    1976. Began production of raw material for antibiotic cephalexin
    Formed an exclusive technical cooperation with Siegfried of Switzerland on antispasmodic Spaslar
    1979. Established the Saemaeul finance firm
    1980. Registered the manufacturer of Quasi-Drugs
  • 1973~1980
Table of History
1981. Adopted the chairman system; Teukhan, Yu and Gwangsoo, Ko were appointed the chairman and president respectively.
Formed technical cooperation with Dainippon of Japan (Release of anitianemic Blutal Injection)
  • Table of History
    1982. Formed technical cooperation with Taisho of Japan (Rinlaxer – muscle relaxant)
    Changgi Chun was appointed the president
    1983. Awarded the "Endeavor Decoration" by the President of Korea
    1984. Entered into joint venture with Fumakilla Co., Ltd. of Japan and established Yuyu Fumakilla Co., Ltd.
    1986. Formed technical cooperation with Sanofi group of France (Release of CLID, the blood circulation enhancer)
    Formed technical cooperation with Schwabe of West Germany for Tinamin, the brain & peripheral circulation enhancer
    1987. Was permitted the eligibility of the KGMP implement (No.17)
    Seungpil Yu was appointed as President
    1988. Entered into joint venture with the Rentokil of United Kingdom and established Yuyu Calmic Co., Ltd.
  • 1982_1988
  • Table of History
    1989. Began local distribution of Spotamin Soft Cap (health supplement) under an exclusive supply agreement with Iwatani of Japan
    Began local sales of Enervit protein under an exclusive sales agreement with Also of Italy
    Established Central Laboratory (17th approval from the Ministry of Science-Technology)
    1991. Released Saengbiwon, the stomachic herbal medicine, under an exclusive supply agreement with Kokando of Japan
    1993. Released SOLONG, a treatment for stomach ulcer, with Taisho of Japan (construction of Seoul office building)
    Developed and Released Panpan-C Powder, freeze-dried vitamin C substances that contain royal jelly
    Reached a supply agreement of EGB761 with Dr.Willmar of Germany for Tanamin Tab., began local distribution
    1994. Joined Korea Drug Research Association, Participated in mid-core technology industry by the Ministry of Science-Technology
    1996. Acquired the patent for preparation of ginkgo leaf extract
    1997. For the first time in Korea, acquired the permission for manufacturing ginkgo extract injections
    Accepted the dosage form development project of blood circulation enhancer led by the Ministry of Science-Technology
  • 1989_1997
  • Table of History
    1998. Released Marvil Tab., a treatment for osteoporosis, under technical cooperation with Gador of Argentina
    2001. CEO Seungpil Yu appointed as chairman of the board in Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
    Released ‘Physiomer’, a nasal washer for children
    2002. Changed CI of Yuyu
    Concluded research and development contract with Crystalgenomics (Chemical laboratory)
    2003. YupanC earned the title ‘Customer Impression Brand of 2003’ (Korea Brand Association)
    CEO Seungpil Yu received Order of Civil Merit, Peony Medal
    2004. Released ‘Maxmarvil’ a new complex medicine for osteoporosis
    2005. Invested in Smart Bioscience, which split-off from Columbia Univ., USA.
    Allocated ATC (Advanced Technology Center) by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
  • 1998_2005
Table of History
2006. Founded the subsidiary company Yuyu Healthcare
Released chewable lactobacillus medicine ‘Miffy’ Tab.
Found the joint-venture company Yuyu Teijin
Jecheon plant relocating and building
  • Table of History
    2007. Released a hepatic medicine ‘Shubatone’
    Signed introduction agreement of pre and post menstruation syndrome medicine ZE440 with Zeller of Switzerland
    Began joint research on obesity medicine by MCH acceptor with Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology
    2008. Changed corporate name to Yuyu Pharma Inc.
    Received Presidential award on the National Taxpayer’s Day
    Obtained the approval and launched the new drug, YUCLID
  • Table of History
    2009. Established Chuncheon Laboratory
    Released the medicine, ‘Umckamin syrup’ for chronic respiratory infectious disease
    YUCLID - won the Korea New Drug Award of 2009 from Korea Drug Research Association
    2010. Was approved the clinical trial for the new natural medicine YY-351 and YY-1224 from Korea Food and Drugs Administration
    Released non-prescription medicine ‘Noiromin’, the antidepressant
    Released ‘YUPAN-C POP’ as a Vitamin C product
    2011. Published the 70th anniversary yearbook and held the anniversary ceremony.
    Awarded the grand prize for Tanamin as the Best Loved Brand of Korea in 2011
    Awarded the grand prize for the small and mid-sized employers in Chungbuk province
    Was approved the conduction of the clinical trial (phase 3b) for the medicine for ADHD
  • 2009
  • Table of History
    2012. For the first time in Korea, exported Maxmarvil to Thailand
    Concluded export MOU with Huanghua Group of China
    2013. Awarded the grand prize for medical health industry offered by Chosun Ilbo Co.
    Signed local supply agreement for fat absorption suppressor ‘Formoline’
    Selected the outstanding employment business on the 7th entrepreneur’s day in Chungbuk province (Governor’s Award)
  • 2012_2013