• 유승필 대표이사 회장

    Seungpil Yu
    Chairman & CEO

  • CEO Information
    Academic Background Ph.D. in International Management Theory at Columbia University graduate school
    Master’s Degree in Finance at Columbia university graduate school
    Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at Heidelberg University
    Graduated from Seoul High School
    Careers 2001~ serving as chairman/CEO of YuYu Pharma, Inc.
    2001~ 2003 served as chairman of the board at Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
    1997 served as honorary consul in Haiti embassy to Korea
    1997~2001 served as chairman of Korean alumni association of Columbia University
    1994~2005 served as the director at Sejong University Foundation
    1993~2006 served as vice-chairman of World Self-Medication Industry Asia-Pacific Region
    1979~1982 served as an assistant professor at Pace University graduate school
    Awards 2008 Presidential Award on the National Taxpayer’s day
    2004 Dong-Am Award of Medicine
    2003 Order of Civil Merit, Peony Medal
  • Vice-president Robert Yu

    Robert Yu