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B2B Sales



Conducting sales activities directed at health care professionals in hospitals and clinics

Customer relationship management (CRM) with customers


Sales management, targeted at pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, health functional food vendors, etc.

Detailed promotion activities for OTC medicines, quasi-drugs, medical devices, and health functional foods

Medical Devices and Equipment

Importing and selling medical devices/equipment necessary for life extension


Providing solutions for overseas sales network establishment, export negotiations and contracts, product development and supply

Negotiations for drug approval and registration, and technology transfer and claim handling



Pharmaceutical Research

Pre-Formulation Studies

Studies in building the foundation for drug delivery system (DDS) technologies

Studies to advance pharmaceutical quality by the QbD(Quality by Design) principles

Preparing CTD (Common Technical Document)


Development of Analytical Methods for Drugs

Setting Standards and Test Methods, and Method Validation

Assessing the Quality of Bulk Products and the Ongoing Stability Testing

Preparing CTD

Clinical Research

Proving the safety and effectiveness of drug products through bioequivalence testing and clinical trials for the development of generic drug products



Production / Manufacturing

Manufacturing and Packaging Oral Solids, Creams and Ointments

Quality Assurance

Implementing the Quality Assurance Document Control and Validation

Quality Control

Raw Material and Intermediate/Bulk Product Quality Testing


Supply/Storage/Delivery of Raw Materials and Bulk Products

Production Lines

Maintenance of Production Facilities

Support Equipment

Management of Support Facilities, Environmental Management, and Safety/Fire Management

Indoor Work

Indoor Work



Establishment and operations of annual business plans for prescription drugs

Planning for advertising/promotion/promotion strategies for new products and released medicines, and new drug product planning

Training and support of sales representatives and related personnel


Collecting, recording, and analyzing product market information such as OTC drugs, quasi-drugs, medical devices, and health functional foods

Marketing activities such as product selection, pricing, distribution, and sales promotion reflecting consumer need

Consumer Helthcare

Understanding laws and regulations such as the Health Functional Food Act, the Act on Standards and Specifications for Health Functional Foods and Food Sanitation Act, and updating their amendments

Product development and release through discovery of functional raw ingredients and research on effective ingredient formulations

Manufacturing management and follow-up quality control (Storage of Reference Standards/ Product's QC Manual)

Compliance Support

Credit Review

Credit Management such as Sales/Collection Review, and Accounts Receivable/Collateral

Internal Control / Auditing

Ethical Management

Planning and Operations of the Fair Trade Compliance Program

Planning and Operations of the Anti-Bribery Management System (ISO 37001)

Legal Affairs

Various Contract Reviews and Legal Advice/Consulting

Litigation Response and External Cooperation

Pharmaceutical Development

Pharmaceutical Development

Permission (approval) to manufacture (import) drug products related to pharmaceutical manufacturing (import) business

Regulatory affairs related to pharmaceutical manufacturing (import) business and acting as a link between the company and Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

Domestic Business Development) related to pharmaceutical manufacturing (import) business


Information management on drug safety, re-examination of new drugs, re-evaluation of drugs, etc.

Business Development

New Drug 'Pipeline' Development

New Product Licensing/Development

Intellectual Property Management of Yuyu Pharma

CROs, CMOs, Consultants, Law Firms, Mediation

Business Support

Establishing an accounting policy and budget planning, fund management and financial indicator management

Building various IT infrastructure, program development, and maintenance

Purchasing pharmaceutical raw materials and operating MRO

Internal and external communications such as media promotion, advertisement, IR, and SNS

Planning and development of visual elements for print, editing, and video design


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