About Us

Our purpose is to provide products and services to improve the quality of life of people. We use science and technology to address existing healthcare issues.



Yuyu Pharma is one of most-valued pharma brands with a tradition of over 80 years. We use science and technology to address existing healthcare issues and to improve the “quality of life" of people since 1941.


Yuyu Pharma will strive to improve the health and quality of life for everyone.


Selected as The Innovator Company in Asia Pacific (Pharmaceutical Innovation in the APAC Region)

Yuyu has been included in the top 100 most innovative pharma companies in the APAC region in the small to medium-sized enterprises category in 2019 based on Early-stage Drug Development.


Acceleration of New Medicines Development Through Open Innovation

To increase R&D productivity Yuyu enbraces open innovation – integrating internal and external expertise to focus on existing challenges. Open innovation will deliver new sources of innovation and ideas.


Sustainable Growth

Yuyu Pharma will achieve continuous growth by driving stable growth in its traditionally strong prescription products and by investing in innovative products.


Most Popular Company for Recent Graduates

Through various employee welfare programs to improve the work-life balance, Yuyu Pharma hass created a company culture where students want to join after graduation.


Expanding Anywhere in the World Wherever Pharmaceuticals Are Needed

Yuyu exporting medicine overseas based on its 80-years tradition of making quality products. We will export our products any anywhere in the world if our medicines from Yuyu are needed.


We introduce Yuyu Pharma brands that make a difference
in happiness with healthy beauty.

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