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Central R&D Center

Laboratory STORY

Yuyu Pharma Central R&D Center was founded with the aim of developing internationally competitive new pharmaceutical drugs.

The Central R&D Center of Yuyu Pharma was founded in April 1989 with the aim of achieving the goal of internationally competitive new pharmaceutical drug development. The R&D Center is focusing on research and development of new medicines/active substances and improved new drugs by improving the efficacy of existing products.

Specifically, we are conducting research on the development of new pharmaceutical preparations and formulations as well as the development of analytical methods. Along with these, the development department is working on new product licenses, formulating a development strategy, licensing deals with overseas companies, and information and patent management.

The Central R&D Center started to participate in a national project in 1994, and succeeded in the development project of "Bonky Injection" using calcitriol. The R&D Center also succeeded in commercializing the formulation of "Tanamin Injection", which is an active agent for improving blood flows using ginkgo biloba extract.

Recently, the R&D center developed the world's first complex drug for osteoporosis treatment, MAXMARVIL, by using pure domestic technologies, and successfully entered the market. In the domestic osteoporosis market dominated by multinational pharmaceutical companies, it has gained a high market share by being recognized by doctors and patients for its efficacy and ease of use.

As a result of the new drug development, in May 2006, Yuyu Pharma received the Jang Young-sil Award in recognition of Maxmarvil, its technology and economic feasibility. In addition, the second project of a new drug compound for stroke treatment is currently undergoing clinical trials. By demonstrating the reduction of side effects and the increase in drug efficacy, Yuyu Pharma's technologies in development of new drug compounds are widely known at home and abroad.

The R&D Center was selected as the "Advanced Technology Center", and in 2005, it was designated as a "Natural Product Pharmaceutical Formulation Manufacturing Technology Research Center" by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. The development of new natural products since its designation is what Yuyu Pharma Inc is currently focusing on for the treatment of diabetes and dementia.

Yuyu Pharma is conducting open innovation, a mega-agenda in the pharmaceutical industry, through Industry-Academia Collaboration with leading universities both abroad (UCLA) and domestically (Kyunghee University, et al.). Going forward, Yuyu will continue to promote ideas and technologies through close cooperation with various external experts such as venture companies and academic institutions who share Yuyu’s vision for new drug development.

laboratory history

The R&D Center's ongoing research efforts for new drug development continue.



The Central R&D Center was founded.



Affiliation with the University of Wisconsin-Madison R&D Center in the US (Bonky-Osteoporosis treatment)



Selected as the R&D Center for Military Service Exemption



Execution of a task given by Ministry of Science and ICT (Changing the formulation of Calcitriol to an injection drug for osteoporosis treatment)



Execution of a task given by Ministry of Science and ICT (Changing the formulation of an agent that improves blood circulation using Ginkgo biloba extract to an injection agent)



Acquisition of the manufacturing license for ginkgo leaf extract injection (Tanamin Injection) for the first time in Korea



Launching Marvil Tab.(for osteoporosis treatment) through the technical alliance with Gador SA Argentina



Execution of a task given by Ministry of Science and ICT (New drug development for ischemic vascular disease treatment)



The Jang Young-sil Award recipient at Korea New Drug Award in recognition of Maxmarvil



Launching Maxmarvil
Execution of a task given by Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy (Development of a Pharmaceutical Dosage Form manufacturing technology for bioactive substances derived from natural products)



The Technology Award recipient at Korea Drug Research Association Awards in recognition of Yuclid Tab.



Execution of a task given by Innopolis Foundation) (Natural substance for body fat reduction)



Execution of a task given by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (New drug development to treat dry eye syndrome through high-purity collagen peptide inflammation suppression mechanism)



Launching the first generic drug of NEWMACOR Soft Capsule (Omega-3-acid ethyl esters 90)



Execution of a task given by Ministry of SMEs and Startups (Development of a new drug compound with improved efficacy for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia with global competitiveness)



Launching DUSTAR Soft Capsule (Dutasteride) Dutasteride Soft Capsule in the smallest size in Korea



Relocation of the Central R&D Center


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