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Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

Organizational Structure

For building a flexible & fast organizational structure, a corporate culture where the freedom of opinions and expressions is valued, and a performance-oriented organization, we use the open position system that integrates the organizational structure hierarchies, but separates titles.

Training System

In order to cultivate the best talents and experts in each sector, we are striving to nurture human resources that will accompany the growth of the company by operating a variety of training programs such as training by level/job, promotional training, and supporting training expenses.

Leadership Training By Position
Advanced Job Training
Common Value Training
Supporting Employees' Master's/Doctorate Degrees
Promotional Training
General Job Training
Interview Training
Language Tuition Support

Evaluation System

Compensation & Reward System

Yuyu Pharma provides appropriate rewards/compensation package through a performance-linked annual salary system, and operates a variety of reward/compensation systems for employees' financial and emotional stability while pursuing a healthy work-life balance.


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