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Yuyu Pharma, a company that values the pursuit of
improvement of human health and quality of life.

Ethical Management

Statement of Compliance

Yuyu Pharma Inc.
will endeavor to
become a leader in fair
and transparent
ethical management.

To Employees of Yuyu Pharma, Since the founding of Yuyu Pharma in 1941, we have been striving to develop new pharmaceutical drugs and supply health foods to achieve our mission of "improving the health and quality of life" for the people of Republic of Korea. We will continue to challenge ourselves as a high-tech biotechnology company, advance toward a new history of being "a pharma company looking forward to the next 100 years.

For this sustainable growth, we, Yuyu Pharma, have set ethical management and the "right view" of running the business as core values ​​of corporate management, while introducing and operating our voluntary compliance program. In particular, the CEO's commitment to continuous voluntary compliance, ethical management training for employees, and the establishment of a constant monitoring system for risks are helping to effectively implement the program. It is more important than ever to recognize that the company's competitiveness can only be improved through fair and transparent management activities in the rapidly changing industrial environment. All employees should not forget that ethical management is a key element and a strong support for corporate competitiveness.

As an employee of Yuyu Pharma, you must comply with the laws and regulations related to business activities, and understand and adhere to the guidelines as set forth in the Code of Conduct for the healthy development of the company. Please do your best in each position so that Yuyu Pharma can become a leader in fair and transparent ethical management.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


We introduce Yuyu Pharma brands that make a difference
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