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"Yuyu Bridge Campaign" Supports the Pediatric Patient Apparel Replacement

Many pediatric patients continue their battle with disease in hospitals with "bleak" outcomes. Nevertheless, they want to wear pretty or cool clothes, but their clothes are also made uniformly. Accordingly, Yuyu Pharma, together with Childfund Korea, conducted the “Yuyu Bridge Campaign" to support pediatric patient apparel replacement. Yuyu Pharma's probiotics brand "Janganehwaje" series donated 5% of the sales revenue to the Childfund Korea. The organization made patient apparel with pictures drawn by pediatric patients and delivered the clothes to the patients and their families.
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Support New Year's Greeting Cards for a Group of Patients with Huntington's Disease

With the Korea Kimchi Association, we held an event called "Sharing Kimchi Full of Love for Children." Executives and employees of Yuyu Pharmaceutical participated in making kimchi worth 300 heads of cabbage, and the kimchi completed at the site was delivered to children who were fasting and underprivileged neighbors linked to the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation. Most of the kimchi-making events were held at the end of the year, and the donation ceremony was held after the end of the event, considering that it was difficult for underprivileged people to receive kimchi after the winter kimchi season.
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Supporting the Korea Medical Association Foundation

Yuyu Pharma delivered donations made with medical professionals to the Korea Medical Association Foundation. The donations were raised by accumulating virtual points awarded when medical professionals attended an online seminar hosted by Yuyu Pharma. It was in the form of a matching grant in which Yuyu donated money, the same amount as the accumulated points, to the Foundation. The Foundation used the donations for neighbors in the medical blind spot. Yuyu Pharma will continue to present various social contribution programs with medical professionals.
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