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Yuyu Pharma, a company that values the pursuit of
improvement of human health and quality of life.

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Yuyu Pharma, founded in 1941, has been walking a single path in the pharmaceutical industry for the past 80 years, based on the management philosophy of "promoting human health and improving the quality of life", which is the pride and joy of all employees of Yuyu Pharma. Now Yuyu Pharma is at the starting point for a new future in the next 100 years. All employees including me are preparing for a new future with the mindset that Yuyu Pharma is a startup company.

Through various employee welfare programs to improve the work-life balance and establishment of a horizontal corporate structure with freedom of expression and a culture of mutual respect among members, we will establish ourselves as a company that workers in the pharmaceutical industry want to work at someday, and the company that job seekers prefer.

Good companies are made by good people.
Good products are made by good people. Yuyu Pharma's corporate philosophy, i.e., honesty, sincerity, diligence, creative development, cooperative unity and social services, contains our determination to make Yuyu Pharma a good company with talented and good people, and make good products.

Lastly, we will do our best to find excellent new pharmaceutical drug candidates through open innovation with various external experts such as venture companies and academia in relation to new pharmaceutical R&D, which is the essence of pharma companies, through selection and concentration to final commercialization.

Now, Yuyu Pharma is taking a new step for the next 100 years.
We hope that you can be with us as we walk the new path that Yuyu Pharma will pioneer.
Thank you!


We introduce Yuyu Pharma brands that make a difference
in happiness with healthy beauty.

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