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Physiomer is the brand of nasal spray products. It was born in Saint-Malo, France in 1988. Physiomer products are sold in 65 countries around the world.

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The brand name, PHYSIOMER, is the combination of the English word "Physiological" in English, which is the branch of biology dealing with the functions and activities of living organisms and their parts, and the French word “Mer”, which means sea in English. Physiomer contains the meaning of beneficial effects on the human body through minerals in seawater. For over 30 years, the brand has kept its stubborn promise that it uses 100% undiluted seawater, and does not contain preservatives or chemical additives. Physiomer product line has various nasal care products intended for use by consumers of all ages.

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Restful Sleep, Physiomer Story

To help your baby or kid to sleep, to aid restful sleep



The minerals of the French clean seawater, as they are


  • Seawater from Saint-Malo, France, Listed "World Heritage" by UNESCO
  • Only salt was removed through electrolysis. Rich minerals of seawater, as they are.
  • Maintains weak alkalinity of pH 7.5~8.2 optimized for nasal ciliary motility
  • No preservatives

Patented manufacturing process

Using a patented one-way valve system and a triple structure container, it is possible to keep the product content sterilized until the expiration date without preservatives.

  • Clarifying filtrations

    Removal of unnecessary particles (sand, algae, plankton, etc.)

  • Electrodialysis process

    Reduction of sodium concentration while abundantly preserving beneficial minerals in seawater

  • A sterile filtrate in the aseptic condition without preservatives by a filter of 0.2 microns
  • Contained in a sterilized valve and a clean container
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Before use, wash your hands thoroughly, and prepare for nasal spray administration by placing the nozzle onto the bottle.
Before using the product, spray the product on the back of the child's hand and check the temperature and spray pressure to prevent the child from being surprised.

How to use Physiomer Nasal Spray

For babies, infants and toddlers who cannot use Physiomer products by themselves, use the product as follows

  • 01 사용방법첫번째

    Lay your child comfortably, turn your child's head gently to the left and keep the head still.

  • 02 사용방법두번째

    Insert the nasal spray into the right (upper) nostril and gently spray it for 2-3 seconds.

  • 03 사용방법세번째

    Turn your child's head to the right and repeat the step 2 on the opposite nostril.

  • 04 사용방법네번째

    Sit your child upright or hold the child in your arm, wipe off loosen excess mucus, or help your child gently blow his or her nose to remove mucus if possible.

How to use Physiomer Nasal Spray Jet Nozzle

For children an adults who can use Physiomer products by themselves, use the product as follows:

  • 01 사용방법첫번째

    Lean over the wash basin, lower your head and turn the head to the left.

  • 02 사용방법두번째

    Place the spray nozzle into the right (upper) nostril and spray it for 2-3 seconds.

  • 03 사용방법세번째

    Turn your head to the right and repeat the step 2 on the opposite nostril.

  • 04 사용방법네번째

    Wait for the solution to work in your nose for a few minutes before blowing your nose.

Physiomer for your stuffy nose!

A nasal irrigation (sinus flush) refers to the act of rinsing your nasal passages (sinuses) with a specific salt water solution.
Saline nasal irrigation has been used as an adjunctive therapy for acute/chronic rhinosinusitis and sinus symptoms, and allergic rhinitis.
In addition, many studies and clinical trial evidence support its use in improving sinus-related symptoms.


If your baby can't fall asleep with a stuffy nose or nasal congestion, do Physiomer to help your lovely baby to sleep.

Physiomer reduces nasal congestion, helps to improve breathing in children and reduce the use of medication.


Struggling with sinus symptoms? Do Physiomer to help your lovely family members with sinus symptoms.

Nasal rinsing can relieve sinus symptoms, and help to reduce the use of medication.


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