Gold Standard Ginkgo
Biloba Extract, EGb 761®

EGb 761® was developed and named by Dr Willmar Schwabe Group, one of the oldest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Europe. The standardized Ginkgo biloba leaf extract (EGb 761) a well-defined mixture of active compounds (Various extracts from Ginkgo biloba leaves have been prepared; one of them is called EGb 761). It is a global leading brand developed by the German Schwabe Group, a leading manufacturer of herbal medicines worldwide, and sold over 70 countries around the world.

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Extraction process is important for herbal ingredients!

Dr. Willmar Schwabe Gmbh & Co. cultivates ginkgo trees for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Ginkgo biloba in Tanamin Tab. is from the production of dried Ginkgo biloba leaves on large scale plantation in the clean Bordeaux region of France, the world's largest high-end wine producing region.
Using the ginkgo leaves harvested there, the raw material of Tanamin, EGb 761®, is obtained by a proprietary multi-step extraction procedure of Dr. Willmar Schwabe Pharmaceuticals.

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Differences in raw materials are differences in efficacy

Most clinical studies on ginkgo biloba has been conducted on the effect of EGb 761® around the world.
Its efficacy and excellence have been verified through several clinical trials.

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27-step special extraction process

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Egb 761® Ingredients

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WHO 기준

Tinamin Tab., Recommended for these people!

For peripheral artery circulation disorder

cold hands and feet, numbness

For intermittent claudication

leg numbness, tingling, or pain while walking.

For decreased memory


For dizziness

dizziness or headache with unknown cause

For vascular / degenerative tinnitus

"hearing" noises with unknown cause

Product Information

Ingredients and content
the extract of dried leaves of Ginkgo biloba (the ingredient listed in the "Regulations on the Approval, Notification, and Evaluation of Herbal Medicinal Products") 120mg (EGb761)
Efficacy and Effectiveness

1) Treatment of peripheral arterial circulation disorder (intermittent claudication (sometimes lameness))

2) Dizziness, and vascular/degenerative tinnitus

3) Treatment of temperamental brain dysfunction accompanied by dementia symptoms such as tinnitus, headache, memory loss, concentration disorder, depression, and dizziness

Directions & Dosage

1) or Adults
 - Peripheral Arterial Circulation Disorder, Dizziness, or Tinnitus: Take 1 tablet 1-2 times a day.
 - Organic Mental Disorder (Organic Brain Syndrome): Take one tablet 2 times a day. Increase or reduce the dosage appropriately according to age and symptoms.

2) Organic Mental Disorder (Organic Brain Syndrome): Take one tablet 2 times a day. Increase or reduce the dosage appropriately according to age and sympt

Packaging Size
80/180 tablets
Packaging Size
30/80/180 tablets
Product Category
OTC medicine


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