Delicious Chewable
Vitamin C

Yupan C Pop is a new brand of Yupan of Yuyu Pharma, one of most-valued vitamin C pharma brands. Enjoy a healthy and energetic life with the fun and refreshing Yupan C Pop!

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Fresh & Chewable Vitamin C Yupan C Pop Tablet

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When you are tired for your physical strength drops,
Just chew Yupan C Pop!


With 2 tablets of Yupan C Pop a day,
in a fun and delicious way Have a healthy day!

Vitamin C

Necessary for absorption of iron, formation of connective tissue and maintenance of function Protects cells from harmful oxygen

Riboflavin (B2)

Necessary for energy generation in the body

Pantothenic Acid/Calcium Pantothenate (B5)

Necessary to normalize functions of tissues, and maintain body growth and health.

No Antiseptics, No Preservatives

We recommend it with confidence as the product has no antiseptics/preservatives.

Managed as a quasi-drug product

A quasi-drug product, perfectly managed by the quality management system set out for pharmaceutical products, not candies

Cute Design

Cute design for both adults and children

Yupan C Pop, recommended for these people!

Those with accumulated physical fatigue

Those who are experiencing physical decline during pregnancy, lactation, or during/after illness

Those suffering from spots and freckles


We introduce Yuyu Pharma brands that make a difference
in happiness with healthy beauty.

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