About Us

Our purpose is to provide products and services to improve the quality of life of people. We use science and technology to address existing healthcare issues.

About Our Factory

We at Yuyu pledge that
We manufacture medicines that customers need
On an agreed timeline to customers,
So that the patients can be treated

Yuyu Pharma is engaged in the CMO business that increases its business size every year
through its experience in producing various medicines for the past 80 years, by building the latest manufacturing facilities and upgrading the production techniques, and strict quality control.

Separation Consignment Production Product
Tablets Tablet, Film Coatingjeong, Double Layer PTP, AL/AL, bottle
Similar Hormone preparation facility.
Hard Capsules Hard capsule major course.
Ointments Gel and cream major course.
Soft Capsules Soft capsule major course.
Production of equipment exclusively for similar hormone drugs.

Yuyu Pharma has accumulated 80 years of experience and production technology
Through systematic quality control, excellent medicines are delivered in a timely manner.
We put patient and customer needs first.

Contact Information

Team Manager Ted Kim

CMO Business




We introduce Yuyu Pharma brands that make a difference
in happiness with healthy beauty.

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